Want to know why PFI Deja Blue competitions are like family reunions?

Zoom in and check every individuals expression on this candid group photo 15sec before the professional photographer started firing away. Sorry Meghan 😉
This group photo includes athletes, judges, safety freedivers, safety rebreather divers, medical staff, organizers and sponsors. 

Deja Blue events are really more like three weeks of training camps with the last week offering an opportunity to register your performances in the AIDA ranking list. Choose one, two or three weeks. 

Deja Blue 7 Highlights:

  • Max 25 athletes
  • Each week offers 5 ocean and 5 pool training sessions.
  • The athlete who wins Deja Blue has the highest point score from 3 depth and 3 pool disciplines. 
  • Caymans best shore dive is 100m from you bed and your condo has a pool 5m from your front door. 
  • A&B side of the depth comp rig each have 4 warm-up lines and a competition line for a total of 10 lines. You are the only person in your line during warm-ups. 
  • 6 PFI Safety Supervisors work as primary and secondary plus back-ups as your safety’s. 
  • 2 PFI Safety Supervisors working as scooter safety freedivers meet you at 40m for deep bail-out. 
  • 2 doctors and 1 paramedic make up your medical team. 
  • 6+ technical rebreather divers with 12 years experience make up your deep safety scuba team.
  • From the surface you can see the comp plate at 50m and at 100m of depth you have 70m visibility and enough light that you could read your own gauge without light.
  • 8 lane, 1.5m deep, heated 25m pool is our dynamic pool. 

Deja Blue 7, April 24th – May 15th, 2016.

For more information or registration go to: http://www.performancefreediving.com/db7/ 

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